Does Facebook Really Work for Businesses?

You might be wondering if Facebook is really a workable platform for business owners these days. Many business people believe that Facebook is really more of a place for old high school buddies and long-lost co-workers to get together and chat about what they are doing these days.
The truth is that Facebook CAN be a place to build your business while also building rapport with prospects and clients.

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Stop doing $10 an hour work

Stop doing $10 an hour work! If you are a small business owner, stop wasting your time doing tasks that don’t generate the most revenue. We sometimes get stuck doing these tasks because we are trying to cut costs, but in the long run it ends up costing us more money! got it right with this article.

One of the tasks that you can outsource is your social media marketing.  And even better, it will cost you less than $10 per hour if you hire Global Assist to do it for you.

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Cleaning Marketing

Customers are looking for the best local cleaning services that will make their house or office sparkle. We’re here to help make this the best Cleaning season ever for your business by offering a free “Cleaning How To Video” that has been proven to help you get new customers.

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